Speech Therapy


Speech Language Pathology is a health profession that helps people across the lifespan to be successful communicators. Communication with others, both non-verbal and verbal, is a key component to our everyday life. Communication includes both speech (the production of sound) and language (the expression and understanding of words and sentences).


At Mitchell’s Place, we provide pediatric speech therapy conducted by licensed and experienced professionals. We provide individualized therapeutic intervention through PLAY to help kids improve their communication, engagement with others, and joint attention. Engagement with others and joint attention are a vital component of overall communication. As pediatric speech therapists, we work hard to develop engagement and joint attention through play to build rapport and capitalize on the intrinsic value in communication.  


AAC Family Group


Alternative Augmented Communication (AAC) can be daunting. This group is for families who want to increase their understanding and use of AAC in their home. During this 30 minute session, we discuss how to incorporate your device at home, learn strategies on how to increase device use, solve any problems that might come up, then put it all into practice with your child using functional activities. Whether you all just received an AAC Device or you are looking to expand communication skills, join us!

This program is held once a month and all sessions are led by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Speech therapy can help children develop the following skills:



  • Improvement in expressive (what is said) and receptive (what is understood) language skills
  • Improvement of the production of speech sounds (Motor planning, Articulation, Phonology)
  • Improvement of speech fluency
  • Promotion of pragmatic/social skills and development of play skills
  • Improvement of oral motor strength for speech, eating, and swallowing
  • Developing and prompting language through augmented communication devices
At Mitchell’s Place, we strive to provide individualized and comprehensive services. We work with families, caregivers, and teachers to develop a plan that meets the needs of your child and family. Mitchell’s Place was founded with the mission to provide collaborative services. We work very closely with our other professionals in occupational therapy, ABA, psychology, and education to provide holistic, comprehensive services for each child.
Speech therapy services include standardized speech, language, and alternative augmented evaluations before treatment begins. Our services can be performed one-on-one or through one of our offered group programs. For more information on these beneficial programs, see our Group Programs page or contact us.

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At Michell’s Place, we employ highly qualified and caring therapists, analysts and teachers to implement each child’s treatment and instruction.  We provide accurate and on-going assessment to create individualized and comprehensive treatment plans. In addition, we empower our parents with the specific skills essential to support their child’s learning.  
Together, with dedicated parents and families, we are committed to unlocking each child’s potential with the aim of improving the quality of life for our clients and families.