Mitchell’s Place Southside


The Mitchell’s Place Southside location expands Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to families following the model of the company’s main location. Members of the MP Southside staff include a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). However, MP Southside is looking to expand services to Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

In looking at the prevalence of children with autism along with Alabama’s push to diagnosis these children sooner, it is critical that we not only provide the highest quality of care possible, but also reach as many children as possible. Additionally, we are excited to be able to provide services closer to the City of Birmingham.

At MP Southside, ABA services will follow a focused-based treatment model. Our focused ABA treatment is a one-on-one program that focuses on teaching foundational language and learning skills using the principals of Applied Behavior Analysis. All services are provided in-clinic and the number of therapy hours will be determined based on the client’s need and the center’s availability. All ABA services incorporate skills assessments, direct therapy, ongoing supervision by a behavior analyst, and direct support and training of family members, which are essential components of effective ABA therapy.


ABA Services Include:

  • Language and Learning Skill Assessment (e.g. ABLLS-R, VBMAPP)
  • Functional Living Skills Assessment (e.g. AFLS)
  • Individualized Treatment Plans for Skill Acquisition
  • Discrete Trial Training/Teaching (DTT)
  • Natural Environment Training/Teaching (NET)
  • Daily data collection and analysis
  • Verbal Behavior Approach
  • Functional Behavior Assessment/Functional Analysis
  • Individualized Behavior Intervention Plans