Mission, Vision, Values


It is our mission to provide comprehensive, research-based services for children and families affected by autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.


At Mitchell’s Place, we strive to unlock the potential of individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder by providing quality diagnostic, educational and therapeutic services.  Mitchell’s Place is an innovative, evidence-based center that is committed to providing a nurturing environment aimed at improving the quality of life for our clients and families.



  • Operates in accordance with the highest professional standards in its relationships with clients, families and community.  
  • Demonstrates respect and dignity toward the children and families it serves.
  • Fosters an environment that encourages personal growth, independence, leadership and development of its employees.
  • Develops its programs based on research and best practice, with a commitment to data-driven outcomes.
  • Believes that children affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are capable of achieving educational and social success through early intervention and evidence-based technologies.  
  • Families of individuals served at Mitchell’s Place are valued as members of the treatment team and participation of families in all aspects of Mitchell’s Place programs is encouraged.
  • Employees are encouraged to develop their professional skills in order to optimize the services they provide.