Nicole Allshouse Bryant is an Emmy nominated television journalist and Associated Press Best Reporter Award winner.
She graduated Cum Laude from Kent State University, interned at CNN in Washington, DC, and started her career as a weather anchor for ABC in Joplin, MO.
She moved to NBC, where she was a crime/investigative reporter, first in Rock Hill, South Carolina, then onto Charlotte, North Carolina.
After covering multiple murders involving youth offenders, Nicole lobbied the FDA to print suicidal and homicidal warnings on the back of anti-depressants prescribed to juveniles.
Her career then shifted to FOX News in Atlanta, GA. There she broke multiple national and international stories, including a planned Terrorist attack in DC by a GA Tech student and the most egregious police corruption case in Atlanta’s history involving the killing of Kathryn Johnston.
In her 30s, Nicole met a man from Alabama and moved to Birmingham in 2008 to marry him.
The same year, she started with ABC and launched a morning entertainment show called Talk of Alabama, which she anchored for 14 years until March 2021.
Currently, Nicole is on-air talent for FOX News in Birmingham and helps local advertisers grow and scale their businesses with a marketing plan. She also is a freelance writer for and working on finishing up two books – a young adult novel and a children’s book. 
In addition, Nicole runs her media consulting business, All Media Consulting Pro, helping companies implement a media crisis plan into their business model. And Nicole does website copywriting and  ghostwrites speeches for executives. She enjoys private and group coaching with corporate leaders on how to better communicate with their teams and make more memorable presentations. Some of her clients include Bridgeworth Financial and Mercedes Benz U.S. International.
Nicole also has an online digital course she created called ‘Perfecting Public Speaking.’
The mom of three works with students and teens, teaching the youth how to interview and speak with confidence.
Nicole and her husband have three children – one teen at Mountain Brook Middle School and a boy and a girl at Mountain Brook Elementary.
In her spare time, Nicole is a motivational speaker – talking to corporate teams about how to win, when the haters expect you to fail.  
You can read some of Nicole’s faith-based writing on her blog,
Nicole’s writing has been featured in, A La’ Carte Magazine, and She Heard Magazine, to name a few.
The working mom is a regular guest speaker at the University of Alabama – teaching journalism students about the television industry to which she devoted 25 years of her life.
Her social media handles are @nicoleallshouse on FB and @nicoleallshousetv on IG. She posts free weekly videos on Instagram, teaching people to become more powerful presenters.